Training: Agile and DevOps Overview for Business


Duration: 2 Days
Contact: Siddhesh Nikude
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  • English
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Everyone who is steering or involved in software delivery: Business, Management, Operations, Development, for example: CxOs, managers, directors, team leads, systems administrators, development managers, business analysts, requirements engineers, architects, product owners, scrum masters, IT operations staff, IT stakeholders, developers, testers


Agile and DevOps are the big drivers of organizational transformation today. What do they mean? Where do they come from? What are their goals? How can they help my organization and my team? How can I use and implement them? And are there any side-effects or challenges to consider? Learn the answers to these questions in a holistic perspective from the CxO level to the code about what Agile and DevOps mean for organizations of all sizes.