JAPI (Java Extension API) is a LGPL library to make the development of small to medium sized Java command line and desktop applications more comfortable. JAPI was originally developed by Christian Hujer as part of the JackSemmel XML editor in 2000. It got later reused and expanded for the Gridarta map editor for Crossfire and Daimonin. The project went dormant when Christian Hujer had no more time to maintain Gridarta.

To help clients with their work on utility applications, Nelkinda is now resuming work on JAPI. For that, JAPI is being rebuilt from scratch, using the latest features of Java 8.

The new JAPI is available through Maven Central.

Version Numbers

Currently, JAPI is in restart-phase. During restart, releases will not be backwards-compatible. Once the restart-phase is finished, JAPI will follow Semantic Versioning.

Release Planning

The following releases are planned in the near future:

0.0.12016-12-04Project Restart, nelkinda-japi-swing
0.0.22016-12-11nelkinda-japi-swing: 100% API Documentation
0.0.32016-12-18nelkinda-japi-swing: 100% Code Coverage from tests
0.0.42016-12-25nelkinda-japi-swing: Examples and Documentation
0.1.02017-01-01nelkinda-japi-args - command line arguments parser
0.2.02017-02-01nelkinda-japi-logging - alternative to java.util.logging, Log4J etc.
0.3.02017-03-01nelkinda-japi-io - Utility classes around I/O
0.4.02017-04-01nelkinda-japi-midi - Utility classes around MIDI / javax.sound.midi
0.5.02017-05-01nelkinda-japi-net - Utility classes around Networking /
0.6.02017-06-01nelkinda-japi-sql - Utility classes around SQL / java.sql
0.7.02017-07-01nelkinda-japi-lang - Utility classes around java.lang
0.8.02017-08-01nelkinda-japi-registry - Utility classes around java.util.ServiceLoader
0.9.02017-09-01nelkinda-japi-util - Utility classes around java.util
0.10.02017-10-01nelkinda-japi-xml - Utility classes around XML
0.11.02017-11-01nelkinda-japi-swing-about - Swing About dialog
0.12.02017-12-01nelkinda-japi-swing-recent - Swing Recent files
0.13.02018-01-01nelkinda-japi-swing-bookmarks - Swing Bookmarks
0.14.02018-02-01nelkinda-japi-swing-prefs - Swing Preferences
0.15.02018-03-01nelkinda-japi-swing-prefs-keys - Swing Keyboard Preferences
0.16.02018-04-01nelkinda-japi-swing-prefs-net - Swing Network (Proxy, SSL) Preferences
0.17.02018-05-01nelkinda-japi-swing-list - Swing Lists
0.18.02018-06-01nelkinda-japi-swing-font - Swing Fonts
0.19.02018-07-01nelkinda-japi-swing-tod - Swing Tip of the Day
1.0.02018-08-01End of Restart phase, switch to Semantic Versioning
JAPI Release Schedule