Event Organization

Nelkinda Software Craft is a very active member of the global software craftspersonship movement. We organize a high number of events ourselves. We also help the community, organizations (public and private) to do events around software development.

Why we do this

At Nelkinda, we believe in a worldwide community of professional software craftspeople. In this community, we exchange our experiences and learn from each other. Contributing to that community is crucial for raising the bar for well-crafted software that steadily adds value for productive partnerships. Based on that belief, we have a track record of helping communities and clients with event and conference organization.

How we Help

Types of Events

The type of events that we have organized, hosted, facilitated, sponsored or otherwise supported so far are:

What this is About

We do this so developers, Scrum Masters / XP Coaches and Product Owners / On-site Customers can, depending on the event, learn about or practice:

Track Record

So far, we have supported in various ways:

Besides we run our own meetup group and have quite an active Event calendar.

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