: NOSK: Computer Programming Journey with Open Source and Past, Present, and Future of Programming Languages


Host: NOSK
Host: NCIT - Nepal College of Information Technology
Speaker: Christian Hujer
Location: NCIT, M8CQ+HF, Balkumari Rd, Lalitpur 44600, Nepal

About this event

In his talk, Christian Hujer gives a brief overview over the evolution of programming languages, from the first programming languages to the present day. This will be accompanied by an evolution of personal computers, from 8-bit computers like the Amstrad CPC 464 to the present day computers. Along the way, he will address questions like why is functional programming, the oldest programming paradigm, the youngest to become popular? After structured programming, object-oriented programming, and functional programming, which will be the next paradigm to gain popularity? And what role did open source play in the evolution of programming languages and personal computers? The talk will be followed by a Q&A session.


Christian Hujer Christian Hujer, a seasoned developer with ~38 years of experience, founder of Nelkinda Software Craft, carries a tremendous experience in software development and software craft. He is a polyglot in languages (Ada to Zig), frameworks, and development environments (from smart card to server). He is keen at following the best coding and software development process related practices for example XP, Clean Code practices, TDD, and BDD. He always strives for better software and a better environment.