: 48-Hour GLOBAL Day of Coderetreat - EVERYWHERE


Host: Code Craft Saturdays and Sundays / Bob Allen
Facilitator: many
Location: Online

About this event

Please do not let "48 hours" freak you out. That is how long one calendar day takes when it starts in 24 different time zones. No individual would be expected to try participating for that entire period.

To make this easier for everyone to wrap your head around, here is a table with all 24 time zones next to each other with colors to show when most people in that time zone are likely to be awake and coding with each other, and with you if you join them from wherever you are.

If the table is too hard look at here's a simple guide that has a section for the part of the world where you will be joining from.

As people join in each region, overlaps will start happening, and with a bit of facilitation you will get to mob/ensemble program with others, in small groups or pairs, from many places on the planet for as long or as little as works for you personally.


There are other Global Day of Coderetreat events on November 4th, 5th, and 6th, some in-person, some online, and some even on other dates. We are not trying to monopolize the fun.

What are Coderetreats?

Coderetreats are free day-long, intensive practice events, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design.

This "day-long" event is a bit longer than what we normally think of as a day. As a result there will be some differences, but hopefully we'll be able to stay true to the most of the original intent of a Coderetreat.

  1. The focus is on learning together and not on how much you get done; no delivery deadlines here.
  2. Within that learning, there is a bias for getting outside of your comfort zone, by perhaps trying doing something a way you've not tried before. Example: If your goto is OOP, then try functional.
  3. In the tradition of a genuine Coderetreat, we will ask everyone to work together for 45 minutes, whether via mob programming, or pair programming, and then throw away the code, and then we'll do it again, perhaps in a different way or in a different language.
  4. As my friend Christian Hujer is fond of saying, if you write only one line of code, but it's the best code you have ever written to date, then that is a win!
  5. One more thing: Conway's Game of Life is the preferred choice for the exercise, although not mandated by any means. It is a rich source of ways to make you think outside the box.
Q: When does this thing start exactly?
A: 00:00 AM in New Zealand time (UTC +12), where all days begin, just west of the international date line. But, if you are east of there, you can join from where you are so long as Saturday has started in New Zealand. Just because November 5th hasn't started for you yet, does not not mean it has not started somewhere west of you.
Q: When does it end?
A: 48 hours later? When the calendar day Saturday Nov 5th ended in New Zealand, it was still going strong in say Australia, and India, and Europe, the US, and … you get the idea. Only when all of those different time zones finish getting their 24-hour day can that calendar day be considered fully and completely done. So, that's how we get 48 hours.

Again, here is a handy way to look at this day from where you are, if you need it.


A link to the singular event where everyone starts and will "gather" will be sent out in advance of the earliest possible start time. That means you need to register to get the link. It's all totally free and no one is selling anything, especially not your info.

Code Craft Saturdays and Sundays has a very simple Code of Conduct that originated with Mob/Ensemble Programming:

All the while, one of the fundamental rules of this form of working together is treating each other with kindness, consideration, and respect, at all times.