: Software Crafters Meetup

Software Crafters Meetup

Time: (Asia/Kolkata)
Host: Nelkinda Software Craft
Speakers: Tanay Prabhudesai, Christian Hujer
Location: 91Springboard, Panaji

Securing Your Passwords with KeePassXC

Most of us have a hard time remembering our passwords. Do you remember all your passwords? Do you write them in a physical notebook with a pen and paper? Or do you use some proprietary password manager like LastPass or OnePass? This talk will discuss all of these points. We will discuss the pros and cons of all these methods of storing passwords. KeePassXC among all these is a balance-striking mechanism to store your passwords. In addition to the above discussion, we will shift to an actual demo showing KeePassXC and how it works.

Talk Outline


Tanay Prabhudesai Tanay is a Software Engineer with 6 years of experience in the industry. He is a passionate software engineer who experiments with different technologies in his free time. With the super fast-changing technology, he reads blogs to keep up to date with the latest trends. As a software engineer, his focus is on software quality by following different practices like refactoring and TDD. While using Python as the primary tool in his toolbox he is open to using other tools depending on the applications. In addition to software, he loves to travel around and explore new places on the planet.

Refactoring Legacy Code in Java

A lot of time in software development projects is not spent on the development of new code, but on the maintenance and extension of existing code. The software craftspeople at Nelkinda understand the importance of maintainable code for the success of any software development project. Clean code reduces cost and effort for maintenance. During this meetup, the audience will be walked through the refactoring of a piece of Java code to make it gradually more maintainable. This will be interspersed with questions, discussions, and explanations about various approaches.

Learning for Participants


Christian Hujer Christian Hujer, a seasoned developer with ~35 years of experience, and founder of Nelkinda Software Craft carries a tremendous experience in software development and software craft. He is a polyglot in languages (Prolog to Java), frameworks and development environments (from smart card to cloud). He is keen on following the best coding and software development process-related practices for example XP, Clean Code practices, and TDD. He always strives for better software and a better environment.


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