: 24 Hour Global Day - Coderetreat - South Asia Region

24 Hour Coderetreat

Host: Nelkinda Software Craft
Facilitator: Christian Hujer Siddhesh Nikude
Language: English
Location: Online in IST - ideal for audience in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, parts of Russia.


Coderetreat is a day of writing code just for the love of writing it beautifully! A day without the office pressures of "getting things done" … a day just focused on practising the art of writing clean, lean, modular, and test-driven code.

And Global Day of Coderetreat is an annual global Coderetreat event where passionate programmers from all over the world come together to hone their skills.

Imagine if a "Global Day of Coderetreat" happened often. Now imagine that it was literally one giant event that started when the day started, somewhere, like in New Zealand where days tend to begin. Now also imagine that it didn't finish until more than 29 hours later, somewhere else, like say on the US West Coast. This would require a constantly evolving group of people to keep it going: Introducing, the liquid mob/ensemble.

A Coderetreat typically revolves around pair-programming. But this event will focus on Mob/Ensemble Programming, and the mob very intentionally spans continents.

Nelkinda Software Craft hosting this event for South Asia region, starting from 10.00 am and ending at 4.00 pm IST. You are free to join whenever you want and stay as long as you want.

For the registration, detailed structure, agenda and FAQs please visit (please note, the event timing on the following link is for the US region. For South Asia, it will start as per the timings mentioned on the website) Registration