: Coderetreat


Host: Nelkinda Software Craft Pvt Ltd
Facilitators: Tushar Jarhad


Location: Online (Zoom-Link available after registering on


Day of Coderetreat is a full day of practicing TDD and refactoring as pair programming or mob programming, and exploring different mobbing styles in each round, sharing experiences and evaluating the differences.

Like a Coderetreat, at the beginning of the first round each group decides which programming language is used for writing code. Each round has its specific constraints. Unlike a Coderetreat, the code is kept and incrementally developed by the mob during the whole day. Changing constraints relate to communication, not to the code. The mob keeps most of their original members, but after each round one person per mob joins another mob.


Tushar Jarhad Tushar is a polyglot programmer with 5+ years of experience as a software developer in delivering high quality, maintainable software in Mobile and Enterprise applications. He has a strong interest in writing testable code using strongly typed programming language. Currently, He is conducting mob programming sessions within the team to harmonize technical and non-technical skills among team members in a remote environment.


Are there any prerequisites for joining this Coderetreat?
Yes: You should want to join the Coderetreat, and you should love programming. That's it. No matter whether you're a greenhorn or an old stager, everyone is welcome.
What programming language will be used?
You can use any programming language you like. Typical choices include C, C#, C++, Clojure, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Scala. If you like, you can also use more exotic languages, like Prolog.
Do I have to pay for participation?
Of course not! It's a Coderetreat!
I have already attended a previous Coderetreat. Can I attend again?
Oh yes you can! And you should! No matter whether the Coderetreat was at Nelkinda or somewhere else, from Christian Hujer or somebody else, you can attend again. Coderetreats are like katas, they are to be repeated.
I have not attended the previous Coderetreat. Can I still attend this one?
Yes you can! Coderetreat are isolated events. You do not need the previous Coderetreat or any knowledge from that to attend this one.
I have registered for Coderetreat but will not be able to attend it. Do I need to cancel my registration?
Just inform as soon as possible via email so that other participants could get a chance.
I'm just a student, can I still join?
Of course you can! Whether you're an experienced engineer or a student doesn't matter, as long as you know fundamentals of programming and love programming.