: TechnoWise September 2020: Kotlin from 0 to 100

Kotlin from 0 to 100

Host: Technogise Pvt Ltd
Speaker: Christian Hujer


Location: Online (Google Hangouts)


Kotlin is the new star among programming languages. Multi-paradigm, running on the JVM, JavaScript, Android, iOS, and native runtimes, Kotlin conquers one platform after another. But the true story behind the success of Kotlin is developer convenience. Kotlin is designed to be as much like Java as possible where it makes sense, and as different from Java as possible where the design choices of Java get in the way. Although that legacy seems officially denied, others may describe Kotlin as the best mix between Java and Ruby.

There are many things that make Kotlin an attractive language, here are a few:

In this talk, Christian Hujer will help understanding, with lots of code examples:


Familiarity with a Java-like language (Java, C#, Scala, C++) is helpful. The examples are focused on transitioning from Java. But the examples are easy enough to understand if you know at least one modern programming language. Also, being familiar with the three fundamental programming paradigms (functional, object-oriented, and structured programming) is helpful.


Christian Hujer Christian Hujer, a seasoned developer with ~35 years of experience, founder of Nelkinda Software Craft, carries a tremendous experience in software development and software craft. He is a polyglot in languages (Prolog to Java), frameworks and development environments (from smart card to server). He is keen at following the best coding and software development process related practices for example XP, Clean Code practices, TDD. He always strives for better software and a better environment.