: Asia Mobretreat


Facilitators: Christian Hujer, Siddhesh Nikude
Host: Nelkinda

Location: Online

Registration (Free)

About this Event

A Mobretreat s a full day of practicing collaborative software development as a mob of 5±1 people with TDD and refactoring. The focus is on exploring different communication approaches in each round, sharing experiences and evaluating the differences.

Like a Coderetreat, at the beginning of the first round each group decides which programming language is used for writing the code. Each round has its specific constraints.

Unlike a Coderetreat, the code is kept and incrementally developed by the group during the whole day. Changing constraints relate to communication, not the code. The group keeps the most of its original members, but one person is exchanged after each round.

The first online Mobretreat was facilitated by Dimitry Polivaev (@dimitrypolivaev) and Bob Allen (@CuriosAgilist) on the 25th of April 2020. It connected Software Crafters from India, Europe, and the USA.

Event Series

We have three events lined up:

These events are jointly brought to you by Bob Allen, Christian Hujer, and Dimitry Polivaev.

Target Audience

Software developers on the Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka). Developers from other countries can join as well, as per their convenience.


Christian HujerChristian Hujer — A seasoned developer with ~35 years of experience, founder of Nelkinda Software Craft, carries a tremendous experience in software development and software craftspersonship. He is a polyglot in languages (Prolog to Java), frameworks and development environments (from smart card to server). He is keen at following the best coding and software development process related practices for example XP, Clean Code practices, TDD. He always strives for better software and a better environment.

Siddhesh NikudeSiddhesh Nikude — Co-founder of Nelkinda Software Craft, famous in Pune for organizing and facilitating lots of Coderetreats, and versed in multiple languages including C, Go, Java, and Kotlin.

Retrospective Takeaways from the first Online Mobretreat

First Experience:

I was surprised that remote mob programming actually worked better than face-to-face.

Focus of the mobretreat:

Getting introduced to mob programming was the important part, not the code we were writing.

Mechanics of remote mob programming:

Using my own keyboard made the driver role easier for me.

About experiencing multiple styles of mob programming:

With more familiarity came freedom and we got better flow.
In later rounds we got more freedom, and from that we saw more flow.


Below is the schedule that we set for the day. However, we will be flexible with the schedule to improve the experience of the audience.

10:00Introduction, Setting up the Groups
10:30Session 1
12:00Session 2
13:30Lunch Break
14:15Session 3
15:45Session 4
17:15Day Retrospective
Example Schedule

After the last session, Christian and Siddhesh will be available for further discussion and questions.