: Global Day of Coderetreat 10th Anniversary


Imagine a day writing code just for the love of writing it beautifully! A day without the office pressures of "getting things done" … a day just focused on practicing the art of writing clean, lean, modular and test driven code… Welcome to the Global Day of Coderetreat, an annual global event where passionate programmers come together to hone their skills.

Coderetreat 2017 at e-Zest
Coderetreat 2017 at e-Zest

Last year's GDCR had more than 130 events in more than 100 cities with more than 2000 developers involved! GDCR 2019 will be held on 16th November 2019 across many cities around the world… and will involve many many programmers world wide. This is the 10th anniversary of Coderetreat. We expect this year's event to be huge and very memorable.

For the GDCR 2016, 2017, and 2018, Nelkinda contributed to more than 15 events by hosting, facilitating, training, supporting and sponsoring. For the GDCR 2019, we are aiming at getting 500 developers trained in Pune and other cities. Find below the list of events associated with Nelkinda around the world.