Working for Nelkinda means working as a Software Crafter and Trainer, Consultant, and Coach for Software Craft.

Current Openings

We do not accept applications from recruitment agencies!

Frameworks, Languages, Methods, Processes, Technologies, and Tools

You'll be polyglot. Frameworks, languages, methods, processes, technologies or tools are, well, all just tools. Tools to get a job done. To get the job done well and to get the job done fast.

Various screenshots showing work at Nelkinda.

Here's an incomplete list of hardware, methods, software, technologies that we're using at the moment:

Acceptance Testing, AceUnit, AI-Thinker A6, Alpine Linux, Android, Android Studio, Ansible, Ant, Apache Hadoop, Apache httpd, Apache Xalan-J, Apache Xerces2-J, Appium, Arc42, Arduino, ARM Microcontrollers, Assembly (x86_64, ARM Thumb-2, AVR), Atmel AVR Microcontrollers, AWS DynamoDB, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Azure, Azure DevOps, Backlog Refinement, bash, BDD, Bitbucket, Blender, Bluetooth, Bootstrap, Brainstorming, Busybox, C, C++, Checkstyle, Chrome / Chromium, Clojure, CLion, Cloud Computing, CMMI-DEV, Continuous Delivery / Integration / Refactoring, CSS3, Cucumber, Design Patterns, Detekt, DevOps, DNS, Docker, DOM, Doxygen, Dropbox, EPUB (2.0.1, 3.2) ESLint, ESP8266, ETSI standards, Facebook, Facebook4J, Font Awesome, FP, GCC, Gherkin, Gimp, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Gliffy, GlobalPlatform, Gmail, GNU make, GNU Tools, GnuPG, Go, Godog, GoLand, Google Cloud, Google Docs, Google Drive, GPRS, Gradle, Graph API, Graphviz, groff, Groovy, GSM, Helm Charts, Heroku, Hibernate, HTML5.2, HTTP, IBM Lotus Domino, IBM Lotus Notes, IEEE 802.11, ImageMagick, Infineon TriCore, IntelliJ IDEA, iOS, ISO 7816, ISO 9899, ISO 14443, ISO 15504 (SPICE), ISO 26262, ISO 61508, J3061, JAPI, Java, Java Card™, JavaScript, Jekyll, Jenkins, Jetty, Jira, JPA, jQuery, JSON, JUnit, Kanban, KDE, KiCad EDA, Kotlin, KtLint, Kubernetes, Kubuntu, Laravel, LaTeX, LDAP, Lean, LinkIt One, Linux, Liquibase, Mac OS X, Magento, make, Markdown, Maven, Meetup, Mingle, Mirage, Mockito, MongoDB, MSTest, MySQL, .NET Core, NetPBM, Nexus, Nginx, NIST SP 800-53, NIST SP 800-63B, NIST SP 800-82, Node.js, Nodemon, NoSQL, NUnit Nu Validator, Objective-C, OOA/D, OOP, OpenWrt, Oracle VirtualBox, Pair Programming, PCB, PhantomJS, PHP, PhpStorm, PHPUnit, Pitest, Pivotal Tracker, Planning, Planning Poker, Play, PMD, PowerMock, PostgreSQL, PowerShell, Puppet, PyCharm, Python, Product Backlog, Rails, Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, RDFa, React, React Native, Redis, Refactoring, REST, Retrospective, Review, RFID, RSpec, Ruby, RubyMine, SAML, Saxon, sbt, Scrum, Selendroid, Selenium, serverless, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Skype, Slack, SOLID and Package principles, SonarLint, SonarQube, SP, Spock, Spring, Sprint Backlog, SQL, SVG, Swagger, Swift, Swing, TDD, Team Foundation Server, Terraform, TestNG, Tomcat, TPP, Trello, Triangulation (for effort estimation), Ubuntu, UML, Unit Testing, User Stories, UXD, Vim, Visual Studio, WebGL, WebStorm, WhatsApp, Wireshark, X11, XHTML5.2, XInclude, XML, XP, XPath, XSL-FO, XSLT, xUnit.

And here's an incomplete list of technologies that we might use in future:

AWS SNS, AWS SQS, AppCode, Bower, CentOS, Chart.js, Chef, Dart, DataGrip, DocBook, EDB, ElasticMQ, Elasticsearch, Express.js, Fermi Linux, FitNesse, Grails, Gulp, Haskell, ISO 14882, Karma, Knockout, LinkedIn, Lucene, Marathon, MEAN, NodeMCU, Packer, Protractor, R, RHEL, Rust, Scala, Vagrant, Wordpress.

As a Software Crafter, you're expected to be both - generalist and specialist at the same time.


At Nelkinda, no matter how much experience you have, you will start from scratch. Only apply if you are willing to learn, and to unlearn whatever bad practices and habits (waterfall, no testing) you might have learned in the past. There will be no other designation than Software Crafter. You will start as Apprentice Software Crafter.


You love writing excellent software. You want to be proud of your work. You are eager to learn, communicative, and dedicated. You want to be one of the best software developers in the world. You want to learn a lot, and you want to share your knowledge with others. You have a passion for software development in all its aspects. You want to use this passion to make the world a better place, by delivering well-crafted, best-in-class products together with our clients, learn with them and teach them. You want to improve the way how the world develops software. You want to be a Nelkinda Software Crafter!


So what's in for you? What are the perks of working with Nelkinda?

Annual education budget
Want to go for a conference? Buy a book? Book an online class? Get it reimbursed (up to a reasonable limit).
Innovation Time
Have an idea or improvement to work on? Work up to 20% of your time on it without any justification.

How to Apply

For an application, we expect:

Use a nice format that is fun to read. Be terse, avoid spelling mistakes and grammar errors. You can choose whether you send your application as attachments or just link to them online. Also, check out our Career FAQ. We only accept the following formats:

Share your application with

We only accept applications in the following formats:

  • Attachments: single-file (X)HTML5.2 (preferred format), alternatively DIN A4 sized PDF
  • Links: Dropbox, (X)HTML5.2, Google Docs, PDF

Applications with attachments in other formats (like MS-Word) will be rejected!

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