Nelkinda Team: Krithika Chandrasekhar

Krithika ChandrasekharKrithika Chandrasekhar
Software Crafter

Krithika Chandrasekhar has experience in industrial product engineering: capturing customer requirements, analyzing constraints, electronic hardware selection, software logic design, prototyping and testing. She completed her master's degree in Embedded Systems from BITS Pilani in 2021. Experienced in embedded software development: Electric motor control logic for power tool applications and pneumatic torque controllers using MATLAB, Simulink, MPLAB & CCS. Experienced in circuit design & analysis, Gerber file trace, PCB assembly and testing. She worked with sensors, transducers, serial communication protocols such as SPI, RS232, RS485 and Modbus, PIC16FXX microcontrollers, C2000 MCU, Arduino & PLCs.

In her previous job she has designed and tested systems for automated testing of tools and controller logic for system life validation, nut fastener cycle monitoring systems and automated universal screw presenter. She even developed a DAQ system for troubleshooting real time embedded systems using MATLAB state-flow over RS232 communication.

She enjoys assisting others in learning and growing, picture art designing, and playing the guitar. She likes reading about biomedical instruments, science, and self-help books.