Nelkinda Team: Anshul Chauhan

Anshul ChauhanAnshul Chauhan
Software Crafter

Anshul Chauhan is one of our software crafters. He started his career as a freelancer. He has over two years of professional experience. He has worked with a wide variety of projects. Ranging from Discord bot to APIs to backend systems to support AI/ML models to e-commerce websites.

He is comfortable in all technologies and loves learning new languages. He understands that attachment to the tools should not come in the way of solving the problem with the most optimum tool. He loves learning new technologies. Currently, he is focusing on learning Rust programming language for his hobby projects.

He loves to follow the Test Driven Development to his best ability. He understands that the time spent in writing tests is the time saved in future debugging and refactoring. He likes to pair programs and loves to share and learn knowledge from everyone.

Some of his favorite side projects:

He is an ambivert. He enjoys reading books and cliff jumping. He wishes to do high altitude trekking in the Himalayas. His favourite genre of music is post-rock and likes to find movies that are great but underrated. If he were to only eat one dish for all his life, he would choose aloo paratha.