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What does Nelkinda mean?

Greeks knew Goa as Nelkinda in 13th century.

But then why the name Nelkinda?

We don't just do software, we enjoy it. And we want others to do the same. Even software development should be as relaxing and enjoyable as - well - yes, as spending time in Goa! So the name Nelkinda suggests exactly the same.

Why us?

The Problem: The Software Crisis

The Software crisis persists. Often, projects are running over-budget or over-time or both. Often, the software written is inefficient, of low quality, has a poor user interface or does not meet the requirements. Often, projects become unmanageable and the source code becomes difficult to maintain. The effects of the software crisis persist, and they can bring a project, a division, a business case or even a company down.

The Solution: Continuous Improvement

There is no “silver bullet” to solve the software crisis. However, our industry has developed several methods over the last decades in order to address and compensate certain aspects of the software crisis. These methods include, to name just a few: Kanban, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, Lean, DevOps, Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, UML. While these methods are all available, awareness and knowledge about these methods is still scarce.
Nelkinda helps its customers in reducing their individual software crisis.

Company Value

Nelkinda provides training, consulting and software development which will enable software developers to gain skills needed by industry. We help the companies to improve their process management by training them on agile process management and hence to increase the productivity.

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide knowledge and create awareness for software development that significantly enhance productivity, and thereby improve the performance.

What we do