Nelkinda provides first-class training for organizations and individuals to improve all aspects of the software development process. The goal is to improve the quality, productivity and performance in software development.

Nelkinda uses a holistic training approach. For example, if we train Java, we will not just train how to write Java code. But we train how to write good Java code with fewer bugs and higher maintainability, and provide pointers and links to related topics like programming paradigms, design patterns, software testing, principles of object oriented design, the software development process and so on.

Upcoming Training

Stay tuned for upcoming training!

Training Topics

The following list is an tiny excerpt of training which Nelkinda can perform.

Besides that, we also offer remote-training and face-to-face training and coaching of individuals over an extended period of time to boost your skills as software craftsmen. You will be given programming assignments, and one of our trainers will guide you through them and review your results.

Also watch this this space as we add more topics over time. Upcoming topics for which training programs are currently under development are: Docker, Groovy, Scala, Ruby, Python, C, Automation topics (GNU make, Ant, Maven, Gradle) and many more. So, watch this space!