: Global Day of Coderetreat Pune Nelkinda


Host: TBD
Facilitator: TBD
Location: TBD


Imagine a day writing code just for the love of writing it beautifully! A day without the office pressures of "getting things done" … a day just focused on practicing the art of writing clean, lean, modular and test driven code… Welcome to the Global Day of Coderetreat, an annual global event where passionate programmers come together to hone their skills.

GDCR 2019 will be held on 15th and 16th November 2019 across many cities around the world… and will involve many many programmers world wide.

This link gives an idea of what a typical Coderetreat Day looks like… and we will be following a similar structure on the day.


Note: The agenda might be changed spontaneously if needed.

10:0030 mins10:30Introduction
10:3045 mins11:15Code Session 1
11:1530 mins11:45Retrospective, Breakfast
11:4545 mins12:30Code Session 2
12:3015 mins12:45Retrospective, Break
12:4545 mins13:30Code Session 3
13:3060 mins14:30Retrospective, Lunch Break
14:3045 mins15:15Code Session 4
15:1515 mins15:30Retrospective, Break
15:3045 mins16:15Code Session 5
16:1515 mins16:30Retrospective, Tea Break
16:3045 mins17:15Code Session 6
17:1545 mins18:00Retrospective, Close-Up

Enjoy the opportunity to pair with many different developers throughout the day, using many different languages of your choices.

Want to join? Registrations will open in some time.


Are there any prerequisites for joining this coderetreat?
Yes: You should want to join the coderetreat, and you should love programming. That's it. No matter whether you're a greenhorn or an old stager, everyone is welcome.
What programming language will be used?
You can use any programming language you like. Typical choices include C, C#, C++, Clojure, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Scala. If you like, you can also use more exotic languages, like Prolog.
Do I have to bring my own laptop?
It's strongly recommended that you bring your laptop. Each pair should have a good development workstation.
What's the lunch?
Not decided yet, but you will get lunch for sure :)
Do I have to pay for breakfast / lunch / tea break?
No need to pay yourself. Nelkinda Software Craft Pvt Ltd and Caring Company will sponsor the food.
Do I have to pay for participation?
Of course not! It's a coderetreat!