Nelkinda Team: Tanay Prabhu Desai

Tanay Prabhu DesaiTanay Prabhu Desai
Software Craftsman

Tanay Prabhu Desai is currently working as an intern for Software Craftsmanship at Nelkinda, while pursuing his M.Tech second year in the field of Computer Science and Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. Being quite passionate about computers and technology since his childhood, he is very creative and loves to put his imagination and passion for coding to make something innovative. He loves to take up challenging tasks, learning new algorithms and writing optimized, readable and maintainable code in any language (especially Python). Having a flair for AI and ML, he writes software /games that uses the same. The list of what he "loves and does" also includes writing web, Android apps, parallelizing algorithms, performance improvement and using and implementing programming paradigms. As he does not have any experience right now, he is very eager to learn and get used to the new practices and technologies, and spends a lot of time doing it.