Nelkinda Team: Shweta Sadawarte

Shweta SadawarteShweta Sadawarte
Software Craftsperson

Shweta Sadawarte is one of the founder members of Nelkinda. Being in a startup from day one, she has gained a lot of knowledge in a variety of domains, from business functions and operations to strategies and objectives.

She has experience in software development and processes, like Agile, Extreme Programming methodologies. Experienced in coaching teams in agile. She prefers the code to be clean and follows rigorous practices of software craftspersonship like TDD, XP, Clean Code, DevOps.

Being an effective multitasker, and using efficient management skills she knows how to get things done. Also with her slogan of "recreating creativity" she loves designing, from websites to dresses. With her qualities like perfection and creativity, she can make training a great experience. She is a design enthusiast off- and online and knows how to manage - people as well as social media.