Nelkinda Team: Bharati Koot

Bharati KootBharati Koot
Software Craftsman

Bharati has 5+ years of experience in embedded software development. She has worked on Java Card and native SIM Card OS development from hardware layer to application layer. She has worked with ARM and 80x51 microcontrollers; IDEs like Keil µVision, Eclipse, CalmSHINE16Plus, and programming in C, C++, Java, Perl, HTML. She can efficiently contribute to product requirements analysis, estimation, design, development and up to post deploy product support. Being optimistic she stands as a motivation to people around her. She is quick to identify problems with software as well as people and helps to solve them. In embedded there is always a resource constraint like RAM, NVM and she has helped her team to optimize their (especially RAM) usage that was the last minute and a must needed to deliver the product which was close to release and having very less time in hand. In her personal life too, she likes to live optimized, organized and being minimalist. As she loves clean code, she also loves the clean environment and she always strives for both. In her own time, she writes poetry and articles, loves to listen to music, engage herself into social activities and family.